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FOS students won first place at BI International Case Competition 2016

Students Stefan Ignjatovic, Anja Koprivica, Branislav Bandic and Andreja Sreckovic with their mentors prof. Dr. Vesna Damjanovic and prof. Dr. Slavica Cicvarić Kostic, that represented Case Study Club and Faculty of Organizational Sciences, won first place at BI International Case Competition 2016 in Oslo.

Twelve universities from around the world competed at BI International Case Competition during the week from 12.02-18.02.2016. Students solved a case study for Norwegian company Hydro, best known as an aluminum producer. The task of the case study was to identify strategic directions of development for the company Hydro until 2020, with an emphasis on sustainable development. Our team proposed three strategies: the first that is related to the development of a system for recycling aluminum in Germany, the second related to the application of new technology in the factories, and the third oriented to sustainability and innovation.


After presenting their solution for Hydro case study, our team took first place in the group, where there were 3 more universities. They ranked better than McGill University from Canada, University of Otago from New Zealand and the University of Hong Kong. In the finals, they also took first place, leaving behind the University of Melbourne from Australia, and the Texas A & M University from the United States. In addition to these, 6 more universities participated at this competition: University of Porto from Portugal, Jönköping International Business School from Sweden, HEC Montréal from Canada, EBS Business School from Germany, University College Dublin from Ireland and the BI Norwegian Business School from Norway.

Students that represented Case Study Club and FOS were praised for excellent presentation skills, energy, teamwork, understanding the market and the region of Norway, a strategic approach to solving a task and a great argument for a proposed solutions. They also received great feedback from jury members, company representatives, and mentors from other universities.

Additional information can be found on http://www.bi.edu/study/bi-international-case-competition/.