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XVII International Symposium SymOrg 2020 opened today

The XVII International Symposium SymOrg 2020 titled “Business and Artificial Intelligence” was opened today.  The specificity of this year’s Symposium is that it is being delivered online due to the current situation caused by  COVID-19 pandemic. 

At the very beginning, the participants were warmly welcomed by Professor Dušan Starcevic, PhD, the President of the SymOrg 2020 Program Committee. Professor Starcevic briefly commented on the topicality of  this  year’s Symposium and explained that artificial intelligence as a disruptive technology significantly changes the way consumers, industries, and business operations function.

Profesor  Sanja Marinkovic, PhD, the Vice-Dean for International Cooperation and the President of the SymOrg 2020 Organizing Committee, introduced the participants to the Symposium program, which is organized in 11 sessions containing the total of 94 scientific papers written by more than 200 authors from Serbia and abroad. Professor Marinković also announced two workshops to be hosted by Professor Dragan Vukmirović, PhD, and Professor Zoran Ševarac, PhD.

The first plenary day of SymOrg 2020 was dedicated to various aspects of artificial intelligence and business, explained by the following keynote speakers:

  • Professor Moshe Vardi, PhD,  Rice University, US
  • Professor Blaž Zupan, PhD, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Professor Vladan Devedžić, PhD, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Serbia
  • Milica Djuric Jovicic, PhD, Director of Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia
  • Hari Ketamo, PhD, CEO of Hedai company, Finland

Practical experience with the application of artificial intelligence in business was shared by:

  • Rade Matić, PhD, Belgrade Business and Arts Academy of Applied Studies, Serbia
  • Milan Dobrota, PhD, CEO at Agremo, Serbia

The International Symposium Symorg has been organized biannually by the Faculty of Organizational Sciences  since 1989 with the aim of improving the theory and the practice of management and its related disciplines. The Symposium brings together  local and international academic and scientific community, the representatives of corporate, public and non-governmental sectors, as well as  students of undergraduate, master and doctoral studies. All the Symposium participants have the opportunity to present their research results, insights and experiences and thus contribute to the discussion and analysis of relevant and topical management issues.

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