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FON started the implementation of the”Venture and idea” project

The Faculty of Organizational Sciences, in cooperation with the Digital Serbia Initiative and partners from the local startup ecosystem (Startit, Nova Iskra and PwC), with the support of USAID, has started the implementation of the “Venture an idea” project (www.preduzmi.rs).

“Venture an idea” project aims to develop an entrepreneurial mindset among young people and encourage faster commercialization of innovations. FON will be in charge of implementing three project activities to achieve these goals within the academia sustainably.

Primarily, FON will be focused on improving the mentoring capacities at the faculties in the field of developing students’ entrepreneurial ideas.  That will be achieved by developing and implementing a training program for teaching staff, leading to greater involvement of teachers and students in the startup development. Project activities also include identifying and boosting the visibility of existing innovations within the University and improving the connections with potential business partners. The project includes also establishing the relationships between students and representatives of startup companies through joint research and elaboration of the best practice from the local startup ecosystem. That will result in the improvement of the knowledge base and shared relevant experiences from the field.

For more information on “Venture an idea” project activities and participants, visit the official project webpage www.preduzmi.rs.