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Erasmus + project PASGOP – teaching activities at the University of Iceland

Within the Erasmus + project “Project Orientation and Sustainable Governance of Projects” (PASGOP), in period from May 1st to 5th, 2022, employees and students of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences participated in teaching activities at the University of Iceland.

FON students Aleksa Miladinović, Sara Plazić, Sanja Stefanović, Teodora Stefanović and Tamara Šonjić, together with students from Vilnius University and the University of Iceland, worked on practical examples in the field of project orientation and sustainable governance of projects within the Master academic studies.


Dragan Bjelica, Assistant professor, and Teodora Slavinski participated in project meetings, as well as in the teaching process, where examples of good practice from Serbia were presented. During the classes, the chances for young people to apply for EU projects were presented by Adalheidur Jónsdóttir (Head of the Education and Culture Department at the Icelandic Research Center – Rannis). Furthermore, following topics were presented that covered the aspects of sustainability and project orientation: 1. Sustainability in Iceland: What the future holds? (Dr. David Cook, University of Iceland) 2. UI’s HÍ26 strategy as a project. “This is not just a benefit for the school but for the society as a whole” (María Kristín Bjarnadóttir, University of Iceland), 3. Stakeholders and sustainability in projects (Ingibjörg Karlsdóttir, University of Iceland), 4. From stakeholder management to user involvement (Vytautas Pugačevskis, University of Vilnius), 5 Serbian perspectives on projectification and sustainability (Dragan Bjelica, PhD, University of Belgrade), 6. Projectification: today and tomorrow, society and organization (OPM) (Prof. Inga Minelgaité, University of Iceland), 7. Sustainability at PLAY airlines (Rakel Eva Sævarsdóttir, Director of Sustainability at Play).

The next teaching activities on the project will be held in early October 2022 at Vilnius University in Lithuania.