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Representatives of EIT Digital visited the Faculty

Mr Federico Menna, CEO EIT Digital, and Mr Tuan Trinh, Director Region East, EIT Digital, visited the Faculty of Organizational Sciences on Tuesday, 20 June 2023. The visit was organized on the initiative of Prof Vladimir Obradović, Ph.D., Head of the Department for Interdisciplinary Research in Management, with the aim of exploring the possibilities for opening a regional office of EIT Digital in Belgrade. 

On the same day, before visiting the Faculty, Mr Federico Menna and Mr Tuan Trinh visited the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications, where they talked with the Minister Mr Mihajlo Jovanovic, Ph.D. as well as the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation, where they talked with Ms Marina Soković, Ph.D., Assistant Minister. 

At the Faculty, the guests were welcomed and had a meeting with Prof Sandra Jednak, Ph.D. Vice-Dean for International Cooperation, Prof Dušan Barać, Ph.D., Vice-Dean for Digital Development, Prof Veljko Jeremić, Ph.D. Vice-Dean of Research, Prof Vladimir Obradović, Ph.D. and Prof Marija Todorović, Ph.D. from the Department of Interdisciplinary Research in Management, and Asst. Prof Milica Jovanović, Ph.D. from the Department of Management of Technology, Innovation, and Sustainable Development. 

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Representatives of EIT Digital spoke about the possibilities of cooperation with the Faculty through the creation of joint master programs, the organization of summer schools, and educational programs. The vice-deans presented the work and activities of the Faculty, especially in the field of digitalization, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Asst. Prof Milica Jovanovic, Ph.D. spoke about the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Serbia, Prof Marija Todorović, Ph.D. informed all the present about the support of two ministries in the initiative of opening a representative office of EIT Digital in Serbia, and Prof Vladimir Obradović, Ph.D. suggested that the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between all interested parties should begin immediately as a first step in this initiative. 

During the visit, the guests visited the Faculty building and the Research and Development Center where they had the opportunity to become acquainted with the capacities of the Faculty and the projects that are being implemented within this center.