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Prof. dr Milan Martić

The Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FOS) was founded in 1969 at the request of a large number of enterprises, with the aim to strengthen the economy by the precious latest knowledge in the field of organization, management and information systems. The Council of the University of Belgrade, at its meeting held on 28 November 1970, reached decision to include the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in the frame of the University of Belgrade. The Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade (FOS) was officially opened on 4 November 1971, and on 8 November of the same year it started teaching the first generation of students enrolled in the first and third year.

FOS is a leading faculty in the field of management and information systems and technologies, with more than 12.000 graduates, 3.000 students with master’s degree, more than 600 specialists, 600 with MSc degree, and more than 300 students with PhD degree.

Over the past 45 years the curriculum has intensively changed, and FOS has grown and developed as an integral part of our society in the field of information technology, management, operations management, and quality management and standardization.

FOS is a successful organizer of several international and national scientific and professional meetings with a significant number of participants, which have echoed in the scientific and professional community.

In February this year, besides the accreditation of programs in the Serbian language, FOS officially received a certificate of accreditation for teaching in the English language. The interest of students for classes in English increases from year to year. Starting from this year, students will have the opportunity to enroll complete accredited study in English. This step is a confirmation that the Faculty achieves its strategic goals and continues to practice openness, intensive communication with the environment and continuous international cooperation.

The strategic objective of the Faculty is to establish and develop cooperation with national higher education institutions, as well as international organizations and foundations. FOS has been one the first faculties at the University of Belgrade to recognize the need to inform teachers, students nad staff on international cooperation and opportunities provided in this area.

The Faculty of Organisational Sciences has a very developed cooperation with leading companies in Serbia, thus giving its students the opportunitiy to improve knowledge and awareness of business systems during their studies.

Many of our students are actively involved in student organizations and numerous extracurricular activities. We are very proud of the numberous medals they have won in national and international competitions both in knowledge and sports. FOS often organizes meetings and gatherings of our students with academics from national and interantional academic community.

In future FOS will strive to maintain a leading position both in our coutry and among neighboring countries to uphold and promote the development strategy of the Faculty in order to ensure continuous development in all areas of activity, in line with the Development strategy of higher education in Serbia.