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Company visits

Company visit program is a planned visit of teachers and students. The host company gives lectures, a presentation of good practice and models and modes of work. The Faculty and the company plan visits in line with the study program needs.

Student visits can be general or specific.

  • During general visits, the students are introduced to the company system through a short presentation. All students who apply for the internship program or those who only apply for visits may participate in the program. The visits are organized once during a semester.
  • Specific visits have a previously agreed topic and are specially organized to meet the needs of a lecture and connect theory and practice. The groups are smaller and formed by the course professor and the manager of the host department.

Visit to Coca Cola Hellenic in April 2014

The visits had two parts. The first part included a presentation about the company (business, products, production). Afterwards, managers talked about open positions, internships and gave advice to students about have to make a good CV. During the second part, the students were introduced to the factory operations, from beverage production, to filling and packaging.

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