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Scientific research and innovations activities are done in laboratories and centers of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. They are defined by the Faculty Statute and the Regulation of research work.

Scientific research and innovations include:

  1. conducting basic, applied and developmental research, as well as other scientific and professional activities aimed at the scientific development of the Faculty and meeting the needs of companies, institutions and other legal entities involved in economic activities and in the activities of public services and government bodies.
  2. implementation of research projects as a part of international scientific, cultural and educational cooperation, including work on research projects and assignments based on contracts and agreements on long-term scientific and research cooperation with companies, institutions, government bodies and other legal entities in the country.
  3. organization of seminars, courses, symposia and other scientific and professional gatherings and other forms of scientific and professional work, with the aim of training staff in companies, institutions, government bodies and other legal entities through permanent education and knowledge innovation.
  4. other types of research work, in accordance with the Law, Faculty Statute and general act.