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Research projects

Scientific research projects

Scientific research is part of a unique process of social work, an important factor of the development of a society and its production forces on the whole. Scientific research includes:

  • basic, applied and developmental research, and
  • training and development of research staff.

Basic (fundamental) research includes theoretical and experimental work primarily aimed at gaining new knowledge about the origin and laws behind phenomena in nature, society and human thought. The results of this research define and validate scientific hypotheses and laws and verify new scientific theories. More often, unless they are kept secret, they are published in scientific publications to make them available to a wider expert and scientific public. Basic research can be free and directed.

Free basic (fundamental) research aim at discovering new knowledge without analyzing the possibilities of its application. The choice of research subject is free and is not connected to a specific scientific area. This type of research mainly refers to individual activities researchers capable of this type of research. Directed basic (fundamental) research contribute to general dissemination of knowledge without analyzing the possibilities of its application. However, the subject of research is clearly connected to a specific scientific area. A team of researchers and research organizations takes on the role of individual initiative of a researcher and the research is conducted within a wider cooperation and interconnectedness.

Applied research is a systematically aimed at gaining new knowledge, directed towards a goal or a practical purpose, to determine the possibility of applying the results of basic research in practice, or to discover new methods and means of solving a previously specified problem.

Developmental research is systematic work based on knowledge which is a result of basic and applied research and experience. Its aim is to produce new or improve existing materials, products and appliances, i.e. introduce new strategies, systems and services.

The Faculty of Organizational Sciences conducts research in cooperation with economic and non-economic institutions, either through research projects – consulting; through innovation of knowledge for the needs of economic and non-economic institutions; or through services provision – review, control, etc. The research areas include:

  • Information Systems;
  • Information Technology;
  • Software Engineering;
  • Computer Engineering;
  • Computer Science;
  • Systems Management
  • Management and Specialized Management Disciplines;
  • Organization of business systems;
  • Marketing, public relations and multimedia communications;
  • Financial Management;
  • Business Economics and Macroeconomics;
  • Business systems modelling and decision making;
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Logistics;
  • Industrial and Management Engineering
  • Technology, Innovation and Development Management;
  • Production and services management;
  • Quality Management;
  • Quality Logistics;
  • Operations Research;
  • Computational Statistics;
  • E-Business;
  • Quantitative Methods in Computer Science and Management;
  • Human Resources Management;
  • Sociology;