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Since it was founded, The Faculty of Organizational Sciences has been designed as a school with an engineering approach to management, modelled according to Sloan School of Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States. FOS is now a leading scientific and research institution in Serbia in the field of information systems and technologies, and management and organization. All implemented study programs at FOS have a strong quantitative and IT background combined with organizational and study program-specific knowledge. The professional title of Engineer of Organizational Sciences belongs to the field of technical and technological sciences.

Undergraduate study program consists of three study programs. Students who complete undergraduate studies achieve 240 ECTS, while graduate studies consist of compulsory and elective courses and award 60 ECTS. Study programs of specialized academic studies are available for candidates with completed undergraduate and graduate or integrated academic studies, awarding at least 300 ECTS. Specialized professional studies are available for candidates who have previously completed undergraduate academic or professional studies with 240 or more ECTS as well as candidates who completed higher education of at least eight semesters. Study program of doctoral academic studies is a wholesome and sveobuhvatan highest level of academic education.