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Undergraduate studies


The undergraduate studies are divided into three study programs. Upon the completion of undergraduate studies, the student acquires the corresponding professional, academic, and scientific title, in addition to other rights in accordance with the law. The student who has completed undergraduate studies by achieving at least 240 ECTS points acquires the first-degree professional title of Bachelor with honors.

Information Systems and Technologies

Information Systems and Technologies study program is aimed at acquiring the latest knowledge and skills in the field of information systems and technologies, mastering the latest methods and techniques and preparing students for a successful application of the acquired knowledge and skills

Management and organization

Management and organization study program is designed as a modern way of educating engineers of organizational sciences and aimed at enabling them to successfully apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice and continue further education. The study program content is based on current trends in business development in both domestic and international environment in areas of management, marketing, economics, finance, human resources, operational management, quality management and project and investment management.

Study program Management and organization is comprised of three study groups:

First year is common for all three study groups. Students choose their study group prior to the enrolment to the second year.